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ANDS AP24 BMRI Application – User Testing Report
User Testing Report
May 14th, 2014
User Testing has been completed on the AP24 application. Our user testing was completed by Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos, Dr Daniel Hermens, and Django White, who have extensive experience in Neuroimaging (MRI), Neurophysiology, and Psychology, and are part of the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney.
The team used realistic data (in terms of content and size) for the testing of each data type individually and as data linkages, and their feedback was invaluable in helping produce a high quality solution. Read on for more info about their findings.
The Application
An overview of the application can be found on our wiki at Application Description and at the Wiki - About .
Source code can be found at:
Daris Source Code - this is the webapp that’s used to record experimental details and provide the feed to RDA.
We also have a User Manual, and Developers Guide. Check out the Wiki Home Page for further useful guides and documents.
Justin Chang has written a comprehensive test strategy documents that can be found at: ANDS AP24 BMRI Application Test Strategy

Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos from BMRI said “The application will provide an environment for integrated research data sets that can be expanded and used for future research projects. The application will also allow the integration of data set from other clinical researchers and makes the larger data set available through research collaborations which was achieved by linking to the National Imaging Facility (NIF) and has also enabled a University of Sydney wide imaging platform.”

On top of the data integration and analysis, the application will also provide a platform for the development of information based diagnostic and treatment response algorithms for young people with major mental health problems like depression and psychotic disorders.

BMRI Research Fellow Daniel Hermens says “The application will improve the process efficiency by replacing the manual pre – processing to an automated pre- processing based on the researcher’s requirement.  Moreover, system integrates multiple sources of records and presents the summery of linked records according to user’s query, giving the user an overall view of related records. This automated functionality is previously not existed in this research field of BMRI the University of Sydney.”

The Brain and Mind Data Linkage application will be one of those tools that facilitate researchers understanding of variations in the brain’s structure, function and neurochemistry and consequently make a real impact on the way mental illnesses are diagnosed, treated and prevented.

Posted by Neal Anderson May 14th, 2014

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