Monday, 11 February 2013

Key success factors


One of the main problems in Brain and Mind Research Institute is that there is no such a tool the can efficiently and effectively collaborate the data captured from multiple test.  The researchers need to put the data and the images together manually in order to perform analysis.  Another is the pre – processing of the MRI images. In order to read the image, research needs to pre – process the raw image from the scanner. Professor Jim Lagopoulos spends hours and hours a week just on helping the pre- processing because he is the only person who has the expertise to do it quickly.

These manual processes consume significant time and effort, replacing these by an automated process will be a huge success in the research area.

The system will improve the process efficiency by replacing the manual pre – processing to an automated pre- processing based on the researcher’s requirement.  Moreover, system integrates multiple sources of records and presents the summery of linked records according to user’s query, giving the user an overall view of related records. This automated functionality is previously not existed in this research filed of BMRI the University of Sydney.

The new process and functionality that will be brought by the application is highly welcomed by the researchers in BMRI, users keen to have an application that

-          Can integrate, manage and store a diverse range of clinical research data.

-          Can run MRI Scan pre-process through the process

-          Can ingest existing research data

-          Can enable users to manage access to research data.

-          Can allow user to define and queries on research data.

-          Can provide RIF-CS 1.3, Service, Party, Input Collection and Output Collection records to Research Data Australia.

In the mean while the system shall also:

-          Meets ICT’s security standards.

-          Meets minimum accessibility requirements.

The users will perform and approve completion of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) that will prior to the application moving into a production environment. The users will be sourced from both project team members and where possible users that are not part of the team except for UAT purposes.

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