Monday, 11 February 2013

Target Customers


Potentially new insights gained into the clinical research problems through integrated data and larger and more able to be analysed multi-model data sets. Ability to build larger data sets from otherwise discrete projects based on standardised scans (e.g. structural) and standard neuropsychological tests (e.g. CANTAB), generating new research data sets not currently available. The project brings the potential benefit of providing additional information to referring clinicians that may assist with clinical care.

The MRI, PET and recently developed High Performance Computing Platform (and the associated molecular imaging capability which includes the flagship research cyclotron) are also associated with the National Imaging Facility (NIF). 10 per cent of instrument time is assigned for access by NIF researchers.

During the first round of the project, professor Jim Lagopoulos from Brain and Mind Research Institute will be the main customer who will use the system to upload/download images and records, query images and records, pre – process images, link records, manage permissions, advertise publications.  The automated system will save the professor tones of valuable time and simplify the process to share, manage and analyse research records.

In the system the user groups will be divided into two major parts, one uses the system and another manages the system. Therefore one of our key customer groups are BMRI researchers (including students) and another key user group are admin users who look after the access and metadata in the system.

This project will result in human brain scan data (structural and functional) and numerous associated Neuropsychological and  Electrophysiological tests being integrated to produce an analysis resource that will help in the study of brain function / human behaviour and advance research that allows improved diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  It will be relevant to a range of government portfolios, including Health and Ageing and Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

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