Monday, 11 February 2013

Project Output & Our Primary Product

Imaging and clinical testing is not limited to neuroscience and mental health research, but extends to the University's research priority areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity clinical research. As such the system will be developed to be disease independent and re-deployable for other systems (this will include the USyd Centre for Obesity, Disease and Cardiovascular Disease (CODCD) or other research programs as required)  The system will be designed to be able to be redeployed to other sites outside the University of Sydney.  The source code will be documented and packaged within either Google Code or SourceForge, enabling download and installation elsewhere. During the project we will communicate our developments and progress with other Universities with a view gauging interest in redeployment and collaboration e.g. ANDS Distribution list and other meetings.

The project will produce RIF –CS service description and associated RIF-CS collection description, along with related party and activity descriptions where relevant. The data collection described and fed to Research Data Australia will have data accessible for re-use, via a form of public / mediated access. This enables the research data to be searchable.

A high level document illustrating the overall design of the software system including instruments, data sources, users, and location of information will be presented.  Training manual and software specification will be written for the purpose of user training.

The team will deposit the open source of the software in Google Code or Source Forge, accompanied by developer manuals to facilitate re-use.

Currently the application/developer is still under selection, the team is evaluating the options against the selection criteria.

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